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About Amarit

Amarit is the name of Muay Warrior Institute which applies knowledge on Muay Martial Art transferred to GM Deycha by 2 great Grand Master Borrommakru.(Find out more details in GM Deycha Biography.)

In regards to Muay Martial Art according to patterns, methods, and techniques used by Thai warriors in the past for fight in a battlefield, if learned up to the skillful, it can be used in street fight for self-defense as well as all kinds of unarmed fighting sports.(For more details, go to Muay Boran : What is true?)

Amarit in Thai means “Never Die”, You can come back again….again….. again…. ……

At the AMARIT MUAY WARRIOR INSTITUTE we expert in training 3 kinds of Muay Martial art.
  1. Muay Boran Amarit :This is not new style Muay Boran but it’s the Muay Boran based on true, unique, deep, advanced, and real-effective knowledge according to patterns, methods and techniques used by Thai warriors in the past for fighting in a battlefield. Muay Boran Amarit is a great way to get fit and lose weight, also gain confidence and valuable life skill for Self Defense.(for more detail read Muay Boran : What is true?)

  2. Muay Thai Amarit : Our Muay Thai style is the professional style Muay Thai ring fight mixed Muay Boran techniques as we expert in applied to use in the competition (Muay Thai, K-1, Kick Boxing). Every sessions is the tuition to making you to be champion. (for more detail read Muay Thai : What is true?)

  3. The Muay Martial Art Short Cut for Street Defense : The class for children and ladies. Every sessions is the tuition of the skills, techniques and tricks for street defense.