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“Muay(Boran)” was not trained by kicking banana trees

There are misconceptions about the training of Muay warriors that they train by kicking banana trees, which is outright false. Imagine how many trees would be wasted, whether the banana tree growth rate would be sufficient or not, how many acres of banana orchard it would take to train a warrior for many years, how kicking such soft trees would help a warrior getting stronger, and most importantly, how would ancient Thai people would waste such useful plants? Most parts of the trees could be used one way or another, such as cooking, making packages, and rolling sheet for tobacco. Ancient Thai people would not kick a banana tree except for the children due to their reckless behaviors but they would be scolded for it.

In real Muay training, the masters would create specific equipment from natural materials. The younger trainee would start with softer materials while the full-fledged warriors would be trained with harder equipment to improve endurance and strength of their knuckles, feet, knees, elbows, muscles, tendons, and bones as well as their mastery and agility in using Muay Weapons to the optimum accuracy, power, and timing.

Some equipment were designed to have moderate hardness for punch, kick, push kick, knee and elbow strike training with unprotected body parts, while some are intentionally designed to be very hard to further train the warriors. There are also training in wrestling, scripted partner training, sparring, training of the 65 positions of Toom Tubp Jubp Hak for the thorough mastery in the infinite variations.

When using hard equipment, rope would be wrapped around the contact parts of the training warrior to prevent serious injury, which would halt the training or, in worst case, render that warrior incapable. It would then be developed into the form of “Muay Kaad Chuek” .

Once you have seen this video, you will understand the brilliance of the Muay training in the ancient age. (CLICK HERE Expert VDO # 43 Ancient equipment, Forms, and Methods of Muay Training)

Before making this video, I have never seen any documentary like this and many acclaimed Muay masters spread false knowledge that the ancient Muay warriors trained by kicking banana trees.